Acoustic Incident Detection in Tunnels

AKUT® revolutionizes tunnel monitoring using AI-based intelligent microphones.

A critical event is recognized in less than 1 second!


icon showing one second

Incident recognition in less than 1 second

Icon surveillance camera

Automatic activation of the relevant camera

Tunnel stop lights can be immediately activated

Icon evacuation

Fewer tunnel occupants require evacuation

Icon visibility

Localisation of people in the tunnel even with poor visibility

Operator is able to direct tunnel occupants to safe areas even if the cameras are blind

Icon emergency car

Emergency services can be guided around dangerous areas to rescue people via safe escape routes

Icon traffic jam

Timely warning is preventing traffic congestion in the event of an incident

Detected Incidents

Tyre Burst
Tyre Squeal
Door Slamming

187 km of tunnels in Europe

are equipped with AKUT®

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