Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring

The  tunnel  of  the  future  has  ears: AKUT recognizes events faster – even 2 minutes faster than current technology.

The tunnel never stops listening and reacts immediately: Events are detected and localised within 0.7 seconds. The Operator can decide whether to activate the tunnel traffic lights and other emergency measures.

  • Event recognition in less than 1 second.
  • Automatic activation of the relevant camera
  • The tunnel stop lights can be immediately activated.
  • Even with poor visibility due to smoke the operator
    can hear people in the tunnel – and is able to locate
  • The operator is able to direct tunnel occupants to
    safe areas even if the cameras are blind.
  • In comparison to other safety systems,several minutes
    worth of traffic flow are prevented from entering the
  • Fewer tunnel occupants require evacuation.
  • Emergency services can be guided around dangerous
    areas to rescue people via safe escape routes.
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