Longest tunnel equipped with AKUT

Arlberg tunnel
15,516 m


Shortest tunnel equipped with AKUT

Pernau tunnel
268 m


Tunnel with the largest number of microphones 

Plabutsch tunnel
282 microphones


Tunnel with highest DTV

Kaisermuehlen tunnel
DTV: 110,000




Citytunnel Bregenz
1,311m, 15 microphones

Schartnerkogel tunnel
2,334m, 34 microphones

Lainberg tunnel
3,125m, 75 microphones


Rannersdorf tunnel
1,630m, 68 microphones

Voesendorf tunnel
901m, 36 microphones

Amberg tunnel
3,125m, 75 microphones

Kirchdorf tunnel
2,807m, 49 microphones


Amras tunnel
845m, 24 microphones

Bindermichl tunnel
1,065m, 58 microphones

Niedernhardt tunnel
580m, 22 microphones


Plabutsch tunnel
9,989m, 282 microphones

Gleinalm, 2nd tube
8,426m, 118 microphones

Mils tunnel
1,752m, 42 microphones


Southwick tunnel
490m, 10 microphones

Kollmann tunnel
633m, 16 microphones

Kaisermühlen tunnel
2,134m, 97 microphones

Wald tunnel
2,826m, 65 microphones

Spering tunnel
2,870m, 62 microphones


Arlberg tunnel
15,516m, 175 microphones

Gleinalm tunnel, 1st tube
8,436m, 119 microphones

Wilten tunnel
509m, 13 microphones

Klaus-Spering tunnel
2,031m, 46 microphones

Dalaas tunnel
1,810m, 19 microphones


Oswaldiberg tunnel
4,302m, 119 microphones

Kroislerwald tunnel
679m, 19 microphones

Liefering tunnel
503m, 14 microphones

Flirsch tunnel
1,126m, 19 microphones


Ehrentalerberg tunnel
3,345m, 75 microphones

Lendorf tunnel
800m, 20 microphones

Trettnig tunnel
450m, 12 microphones

Falkenberg tunnel
1,090m, 26 microphones

Bosruck tunnel
5,505m, 122 microphones

Götschka tunnel
4,435m, 86 microphones

Pernau tunnel
245m, 4 microphones

Neumarkt tunnel
1,970m, 38 microphones

Lest tunnel
545m, 12 microphones


Kirchdorf tunnel (pilot system)
2,807m, 49 microphones

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