Franz Graf, Harald Rainer and Karl Radakovitz at the AKUT booth, Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

AKUT® at the tunnel conference in Graz


With more than 200 international experts from the field of tunnel construction and tunnel equipment, the „11th International Conference on Tunnel Safety and Ventilation” was extremely well attended, so that current developments and trends in the field of tunnel safety could be discussed by a wide audience.  

In numerous expert discussions, the JOANNEUM RESEARCH team explained the numerous advantages of AKUT in event detection to the experts.


On 11 May, the participants went on an excursion to the „Zentrum am Berg“, an independent research infrastructure for the construction and operation of underground facilities that is unique in Europe. JOANNEUM RESEARCH's AKUT system is also installed in the "Zentrum am Berg ".

Research institutions, companies and organisations have the opportunity to carry out research, experiments and training assignments under real conditions for operators and users of road and rail infrastructures as well as on aerodynamic issues, safety in underground construction and operation and material developments.

The underground facility consists of a twin-tube road tunnel and two parallel railway tunnel tubes as well as a test gallery, thus enabling research, development, education and training under real underground conditions.