DI Susanne Rexeis in technical discussions with leading tunnel experts

AKUT® at the Tunnel Conference in Graz

From June 12 to 14, 2018, the "9th International Conference on Tunnel Safety and Ventilation" took place in Graz. More than 200 international experts from the field of tunnel construction and tunnel equipment discussed the latest findings and trends in tunnel safety. JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL presented the Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring - AKUT® at its booth.  In numerous technical discussions, the JOANNEUM RESEARCH team was able to explain the great advantages of AKUT in event detection to the experts.

As part of the scientific presentations at the conference, Franz Graf presented the latest results and operational experience of AKUT® in Austrian highway tunnels. His publication entitled "Rapid incident detection in tunnels through acoustic monitoring - operating experiences in Austrian road tunnels" attracted high attention among the experts.


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Tunnel Safety and Ventilation, 9th International Conference


DI Harald Rainer and DI Dr. Franz Graf at the AKUT booth