Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH, group photo of participants from Autobahn GmbH - Southern Bavaria branch, Funkwerk GmbH and JOANNEUM RESEARCH during the tour of the Aubing tunnel and planning work for the implementation of AKUT in German motorway tunnels.

AKUT® – Bavaria's longest tunnel should become safer!

On December, 15th 2022, a presentation of the AKUT® system and a tour through the Aubing tunnel took place in Munich together with the German Autobahn GmbH. The Aubing tunnel is one of the tunnels on the Munich motorway ring road on the A99 and is one of the longest motorway tunnels in Bavaria with a length of 1935 metres. Due to the high traffic volume in the Aubing tunnel, Autobahn GmbH is planning to expand the safety facilities in the tunnel.

The Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring System AKUT® could help to make the Aubing Tunnel even safer in the future. After an in-depth discussion with all parties involved from the Southern Bavaria branch of Autobahn GmbH, it was also possible to visit the Aubing operations centre and the tunnel as a basis for further planning work.