Dr. Franz Graf von DIGITAL und Lars Krangnes von Cautus Geo AS auf dem AKUT-Messestand

JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL presents AKUT® - Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring in Oslo.

This year's "Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels" conference was held in Oslo from September 11 to 13, 2018. With about 1,200 tunnels, Norway is one of the countries with the most tunnels, making it an optimal venue for a tunnel safety conference. More than 160 participants from 20 countries discussed new developments and findings in the field of tunnel safety.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH exhibited one of its flagship products "AKUT®- Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring" during the conference. The booth was managed together with Cautus Geo AS, a Norwegian company specialized in the production and operation of monitoring systems for tunnels. Dr. Franz Graf and Lars Krangnes from Cautus Geo AS were able to hold interesting discussions with tunnel operators from the Scandinavian region about the planning of tunnel systems, but also about previous experiences with systems already in operation. 

Conference „Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels“

Cautus Geo AS