Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH, (from left to right) The delegation of SPIE in one of the ventilation caverns of the Gleinalm tunnel: Andreas Ogris (SPIE Dürr Austria), Jonathan Debeve (SPIE Belgium), Gerald Koenis (SPIE Nederland), Peter van Leeuwen (SPIE Nederland), Franz Graf (JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL).

New cooperation with European traffic technology provider



SPIE is one of the leading independent European providers of multi-technical services in the fields of transport, energy and communications. With around 48,000 employees in Europe, SPIE works in various business areas and develops new solutions around the topics of energy transition and digital transformation together with its customers.

In the future, the cooperation between SPIE and JOANNEUM RESEARCH is to be intensified in the field of traffic technology in order to disseminate products such as the acoustic tunnel monitoring AKUT® in the Benelux region. In addition to cooperation talks, the delegation was able to visit the infrastructure of the tunnel - Gleinalm together with SPIE Dürr Austria GmbH, where AKUT® is already successfully installed.