f.l.t.r.: DI Dr. Franz Graf, DI Harald Rainer, DIin Susanne Rexeis, Karl Radakovitz (JOANNEUM RESEARCH). Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/B. Bergmann

„Glück auf“ for tunnel research

The "Center on the Mountain" research center consists of a two-tube road tunnel and two parallel rail tunnel tubes, as well as an experimental tunnel, located at around 1,050 meters above sea level. In the approximately four-kilometer-long network of tunnels at Erzberg in Styria, research is conducted underground, but training is also carried out under real underground conditions. Safety is also to be tested. For example, tests are being carried out with burning electric cars so that the effects on the tunnel can be researched. The research infrastructure of the University of Leoben, which is unique in Europe, is scheduled to go into full operation in fall 2020.

Digitization plays a major role in the planning and construction of the facility. Experts from JOANNEUM RESEARCH's research group "Intelligent Acoustic Solutions" supported the planning work and will equip the tunnel with the latest digital system. AKUT®, a successful product of the DIGITAL Institute, is based on the use of artificial intelligence and has been established as a fixed technical component in Austrian tunnels for several years.

> On the topic of the joint research activities of the University of Leoben and the DIGITAL Institute, a separate contribution will be broadcast in the ORF series "Dimensions" on May 12 at 7 pm on Ö1.