The Chinese delegation of RIOH together with Dr. Anton Sieber and Ing. Herwig Moser (both ASFINAG) and Dr. Franz Graf (DIGITAL). Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Chinese Ministry of Transport on delegation visit

On 20.11.2019, representatives of the "Research Institute of Highway (RIOH)" of the Chinese Ministry of Transport were guests at ASFINAG and JOANNEUM RESEARCH. The task of the institute is to conduct research and development in the fields of traffic telematics and traffic route construction, as well as to establish the standards for the high-level traffic network in China. With more than 1000 employees, including members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many experts in road and traffic engineering, RIOH has gained a good reputation both in China and abroad in recent years.

At the beginning of the visit, the program included expert talks at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology and with ASFINAG. The second part of the visit was devoted to specific topics such as the Austrian standard for equipping road tunnels. Dagmar Jäger, Ing. Herwig Moser and Dr. Anton Sieber from ASFINAG reported on the construction and electromechanical equipment of the new tube of the Gleinalm Tunnel. Dr. Franz Graf from DIGITAL presented the Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring (AKUT) and showed current results and experiences from the operation of currently 27 tunnel systems with about 1,700 microphones. The exchange was rounded off with a tour of the Gleinalm Tunnel, where the previously discussed systems were shown and demonstrated in practice.

Dr. Anton Sieber and Ing. Herwig Moser explain the ventilation principle in the exhaust air duct of the Gleinalm tunnel, which is located above the tunnel driving space. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH